Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi Proud Team Member of Generation UCAN

Generation UCAN an Element of Keflezighi’s Personal Success in Boston

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New York, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2014 – Fresh off the heels of his recent Boston Marathon victory, Meb Keflezighi is rightly considered one of the country’s most successful endurance runners, and the 38-year-old elite athlete continues to consider Generation UCAN a valuable part of his training regimen and personal success.

The go-to natural energy source for many of today’s Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes,Generation UCAN has fueled Keflezighi since 2009. Just weeks shy of his 39th birthday, Keflezighi incorporated Generation UCAN into his training for Boston, which resulted in his ability to outrun – and outlast – a competitive field of contenders and a challenging course. Even more notably, as the oldest male winner of the Boston Marathon’s since 1931, Keflezighi logged his fastest time at 2:08:37—a 31-second improvement that bested his previous personal record.

“I believe Generation UCAN is changing the face of sports nutrition,” said Keflezighi. “I was amazed by the story of how it was created to keep children like Jonah alive. Now, as I continue to incorporate Generation UCAN into my workouts, I’ve noticed improvements in both my performance and metabolic state. It has been my secret weapon. I recommend all runners try it and experience the benefits firsthand.”

Keflezighi adds, “Generation UCAN has been very instrumental in my training. Some of the reason I’ve been running PRs is because it allows me to recover so I can train hard consistently. For me it has been a huge difference with recovery. UCAN definitely does its job. I really look forward to it after my intense workouts. During my cool down, it’s the first thing that goes into my body. I also use UCAN at least 4 times a week to keep my weight in check.”

Keflezighi’s list of athletic accomplishments runs long, to include an Olympic Silver Medal (2004), a win at the New York City Marathon (2009), and 20 U.S. championships, and his triumph in Boston stands as the first by an American man since 1983.

Generation UCAN’s unique carbohydrate, “SuperStarch”, was originally designed for Jonah, a child with a rare disease that prohibits the body from producing its own blood sugar, resulting in frequent episodes of hypoglycemia. As its founders ran further tests, they realized that its one-of-a-kind energy yielded benefits for athletes who also have to work at managing their glucose levels. What makes it so revolutionary is its unique benefits that athletes like Keflezighi are finding to be a vast improvement over popular energy sources. Generation UCAN benefits include, healthy, steady, on-going energy without sugars or caffeine, no spike and crash, no gastrointestinal (GI) distress – so it’s gentle on the stomach, and a unique dual-fuel energy profile that helps burn both carbohydrates and fat.

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Independent lab tests proved that Generation UCAN provides optimal glucose levels during and after activity. Its “SuperStarch” properties help the body’s metabolism to become more efficient by tapping into fat stores. This also has broader applications in several segments – including weight management.

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