Kilimanjaro Marathon Should Bring More Tourists to Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Marathon

THE annual Kilimanjaro Marathon is going into its 13th year and will be run again in Moshi town next Sunday.

This is one of the most popular of the exotic global marathon destinations and is an unusual mix of rural African highland scenery and top flight international runners. For the 13th consecutive year Kilimanjaro Marathon has been the most exciting event in the Tanzanian athletics calendar.

It has brought a whole new level of competition, international glamour to the sport of road running in Tanzania. The race is run under the watchful eye of Mount Kilimanjaro, with the altitude gain being quite manageable and with the entire race being completed between 830-1150m, on good tarred roads.

According to the organisers, the event brings together over 40 nationalities including a strong contingent from Kenya, who have dominated long distance running for the past four decades.

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