A well deserved honor for legendary painter Desta Hagos

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Referred to as one of the first female painters in Ethiopia, Desta Hagos has been an inspiration to many young women with the desire to pursue their dream of becoming artists.Now, the acclaimed painter Desta will be honored at the Lifetime Achievement in Art Tribute; an event that will be launched by Capital Hotel on February 21st.

Desta Hagos (Photo: courtesy of afrikanwomen.tumblr.com)
Desta Hagos (Photo: courtesy of afrikanwomen.tumblr.com)


Taught and mentored under much-admired Gebre-Kristos Desta, the artist fell in love with painting and drawing at a very young age. When her father bought her crayons at the age of five and told her to draw flowers instead of cutting them, her love affair ignited.

She graduated from Addis Ababa University School of Fine Art and Design in 1969, setting a record that same year as the first woman in Ethiopia to have a solo art exhibit.

“I am so happy, art is my life and there is nothing else I wanted to spend my life doing…this is a wonderful honor which comes before my 50th exhibit at the National Museum in late March,” Desta reportedly said on hearing the news she was to be honored by the Lifetime Achievement in Art Tribute.

Along with the launching event, Capital Hotel will hold an exhibition featuring Desta Hagos’ works, as well as other two influential artists; Daniel Taye, who was referred to as “…the Van Gogh of Ethiopia..”  by CNN as well as Merid Taffesse, who graduated some 30 years after Desta but is nonetheless magnificent.

Capital Hotel plans to honor senior influential Ethiopian Artists at its Lifetime Achievement in Art Tribute which it plans to host every month.

The Art exhibition for the three artists will be opened on February 21st at the Capital Gallery Lounge and will stay open to the public until March 3rd.

Source: Capital Ethiopia

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