Hotel expo set for Addis debut

Hotel Show ExpoAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – A landmark show dedicated to hotels is due to take place at the United Nations Conference Center, from October 10—12, 2013. So far more than twenty-five hotels and thirty product suppliers have registered to take part and meet potential customers.

“Hotel Show Expo is unusual in Ethiopia, and we will be the first to found and organize an event,” said Kumneger Teketel, owner and managing director of Ozzie Trading. The objective is to create awareness regarding the hotel industry and to promote its indispensable familiarity, according to Kumneger. Moreover, it aims to bring about a change in attitude from hotel owners leading to a stronger market dedicated to delivering an improved service.

“We are happy to work with the company founding and organizing this important event, helping us to get to know hotels,” Sisay Teklu, hospitality department head at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said. Since hotels and resorts have become a visible success story of the blossoming hospitality industry, he added, they should maintain standards and deliver the service that they promise.

According to Kumneger, hotels of three to five stars will be present at the show, along with panel discussions and experience-sharing events, with invited guests from the United Arab Emirates hospitality industry. It will also promote the hoteliers and showcase students to the hotel management departments. More importantly, it will introduce hotels to advanced reservations and create low fare competition.