Habesha Breweries to build new plant in Debre Birhan

Habesha Breweries

Press Release

Debre Birhan, Ethiopia -  The Board of Directors of Habesha Breweries Share Company is pleased to announce to its share holders and the public an important milestone of the start up of site construction activities for establishment of a 500,000HL/annum its Greenfield Brewery.

The ground breaking ceremony is held at construction site nearby Deber-Birhan town located 125 Km north east of Addis Ababa on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. The ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors, management & employee of HBSC; contracting parties and other stakeholders.

This is a tremendous step forward of 7,800 local share holders and Bavaria N.V (the foreign partner and major share holder of HBSC) who were waiting for realization of their dreams.

The construction activities of the project have been undertaking by Lehui Food Machineries Co Ltd( a foreign turnkey contractor from China) and Yerer Construction PLC (local civil contractor).  Accordingly both companies have mobilized the sufficient machinery, manpower and equipment to finalize the project within one year period.

Before reaching this major milestone HBSC has successfully completed securing finance, effecting down payment and LC opening for main contractor through CBE. Moreover the installation of infrastructure such as water supply, electric power line, and machinery design have been finalized which are critical for project execution have been finalized.

The board of directors Habesha Breweries Share Company would like to congratulate the share holders for reaching this important mile stone and keeps its promise to execute the remaining tasks for the successful completion of the project.

At this moment the board would also like to appreciate and thanks various parties who rendered us their assistance to this accomplishment and most especially:-
-    The government of FDRE and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
-    The Amhara National Regional Government, the North Shoa zone and Debre Berhan Town Administration.

Finally the boards of directors do hereby deliver its assurance for those development partners who put their trust in our company to do all possible effort to finalize the project within the set forth schedule and budget.

Source: Habesha Breweries