LG to tackle power shortage, unveils the first 84’ Ultra HD TV in Ethiopia

LG HD Smart TVAddis Ababa, Ethiopia - One of the world’s leading electronics companies, LG, has announced plans to produce and import dry cell batteries to Ethiopia to tackle the existing power insufficiency.

“We would like to focus on the need of the country. Power is needed to help businesses until demand is satisfied upon completion of the scheduled hydro power constructions,” said Yonggeun Choi, the Ethiopia LG representative. “I think the country is growing and it needs power to boost its industrial sectors. And we can contribute in addition to what is being done by the government.”
This was disclosed at the launch of the first 84-inch Ultra High Definition TV for the Ethiopian market. “We are confident that the product will be purchased here. Though the price is high we believe that the city is becoming a world class metropolis and that is considered to be a plausible reason,” said Abdulhamid Abdela, general manager of Metro Plc., the exclusive agent for LG products.
He pointed out that a strong partnership with LG will benefit the growing hotel and hospitality industry, as electronics and accessories are important devices in city life. It was introduced in the US a year ago, reaching the Middle East and Africa a few months later. Its entry to Ethiopia was delayed by the lengthy importation process.
The product, dubbed Smart TV, can be connected to any extra inputs such as tablets and USB cables. It also features 3D cinema, and a “magic” remote control that enables viewers to access applications on the screen. The cost of the TV is 390,000 birr ($20,675 US)  including VAT.
Source: TheReporterEthiopia.com