Alberto Salazar takes a swipe at rumour-mongers who put Mo Farah’s sudden run of success down to doping

Mo Farah 5000Mo Farah’s coach, Alberto Salazar, has launched a scathing attack on the rumour-mongers who claim that the Briton’s world-beating achievements on the track are down to performance-enhancing drugs.

Salazar, who has transformed Farah into a double Olympic and world champion since linking up with him at the ‘Nike Oregon Project’ in early 2011, insists the Briton can become the greatest distance runner in the history of the sport – and will do it drug-free.

Website forums have been awash with speculation that Farah’s domination of the track has been fuelled by doping, and the cynicism went into overdrive when he clocked 3 min  28.8 sec to become the sixth fastest 1500 metres runner of all time in Monaco last month.

“It bothers me when people question my integrity,” Salazar said. “But the way I look at it, if you don’t want people to say things about you, go run real crappy and then nobody will talk about you. At this level, we know we’re clean. We know we’re never going to test positive for anything. No way in the world. I have a clear conscience.” Read more