Addis Ababa to host African Aesthetic Exhibition

African Aesthetics ExhibitionAddis Ababa, Ethiopia - The African Aesthetic Exhibition, an exhibition of traditional and fine arts and photographs from Africa and the African Diaspora, will be held at the Addis Ababa University Institute of Ethiopian Studies Museum May 24-31, 2013.

Event organizer Dr. Desta Meghoo told journalists yesterday that the exhibition was organized in connection with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of African Unity, now African Union, in recognition of the Year of Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.

Over 75 works from different African countries including Ghanaian, Nigerian and Ethiopian artists such as Laureate Afework Tekle, Gebre-Kirstos Desta and Eskindir Boghosian would be displayed in the exhibition. She said that a special addition to the show would be several works from renowned photographers.

African Aesthetic is a snapshot of the creativity of Africans on the continent and in the Americas who were determined to decide their destiny and who recall folk tales or share their experiences over the past 50 years.

According to Dr. Desta, the African Union has selected the African Aesthetic Exhibition as one of its signature events to express the spirit of Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance through the artistic expressions of Africans at home and abroad.

It is evidenced that Pan-African philosophy was expressed through literature, songs, dances, paintings and poems and in turn impacted a cultural movement.

Source: Ethiopian Herald