State secures over 715.4 million Birr from tourism


Bahir Dar, Ethiopia – (ENA)  – Over 715.4 million Birr was secured from more than five million tourists, who visited tourist sites in Amhara State during the last nine months, the regional culture and tourism and parks development bureau said.

Public relation head with the bureau, Haileyesus Filate said 4.9 million of the total tourists are Ethiopians.

He said ancient monasteries, the Castle of Fasiledes, the Simien Mountains National Park, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela , among others, are some of the attractions visited by the tourists.

The head said the amount exceeded by 492.2 million Birr that of same period last year. The number of visitors also increased by 3.8 million compared to that of same time in the previous year.

Availability of reliable peace in the state, construction of modern hotels and lodges as well as activities carried out to promote the sites contributed to the growth in the revenue and the number of visitors.

Nine of Ethiopia’s heritages are inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. The Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, the Castle of Fasiledes and the Simien Mountains National Park are among the sites inscribed by UNESCO. Efforts are underway to get registered Lake Tana by UNESCO as a world heritage.