Go for a dip

Ghion Hotel Swimming PoolAddis Ababa, Ethiopia - Before the cafes filled Addis Ababa’s scene and before all these entertainment centers popped up, there was one main hangout spot during the summer time; Ghion Hotel.

The hotel is named after the biggest river in Ethiopia (Abay a.k.a. Ghion) and has its own urban history keeping the urban elements and ties together.

During weddings it is one of the places where the bride and groom enjoy their time inside the green area taking memorable photos.

Ghion has offered some sort of sentimental feelings and those remember their first crushes and flings. When schools are closed, taking swimming classes is one of the things to do during summer time.

For Feven Tadesse, Ghion is part of her senior high school year experiences, especially when preparing for graduation. The memories bring a smile to her face. She graduated from School of Tomorrow in 2004.

As most of the private schools do, the graduation program was held at the Sheraton Addis and she was preparing for that where she wanted to lose weight so she can look slim in the dress that her older sister sent her from England.

She heard that swimming helps lose weight so for like a month she went to Ghion to swim where she met friends and made her time memorable. Read more