Seychelles Minister for Tourism & Culture urges private sector trade partners to give a fair chance to Seychellois looking for employment

Press Release

Alain St. Ange
Alain St. Ange

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism & Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange has appealed to the General Managers and Human Resource Managers from the island’s tourism industry to ensure that returning Seychellois Hospitality Management graduates are given a fair recruitment program and a scheme of service that will entice them to stay and to work in the tourism industry.

Minister St.Ange’s appeal to trade partners was made during the General Managers meeting to discuss localization plan for the returning Seychellois Hospitality Management graduates.

Chairing the meeting, Minister St.Ange said that the thirteen Seychellois returning graduates from the Shannon College of Hotel Management in Ireland are today bonded with high end properties in Seychelles, are that they are now willing and able to take up their responsibilities.

“On numerous occasions you have voiced out concerns that not enough Seychellois have been trained to take up mid Management positions to grow into and to then take up key positions in the tourism industry. We have taken on board your concerns and today we are welcoming back a first group of qualified Seychellois to help you place our ‘couleur locale’ in the front line positions of your properties.

On behalf of the Government the Seychelles Tourism Academy has invested immensely to train our young people  who had an interest in making tourism their career. They have now completed their studies at an international body, the Shannon College of Hotel Management and we can safely assure you all that they meet the academic and professional standards set out by yourselves.  We have upheld our obligations and our promise,  and now it is your turn to give us your commitment that the returning graduates will be given a conducive working environment, a good scheme of service, and a salary package that will ensure they remain in our industry, and that they remain as part of your team as they follow their career path’’ the minister responsible for Tourism said.

Minister St.Ange also said that the country needs to retain its young graduates in the tourism industry, the industry that remains the pillar of the Seychelles economy.  “Upon completion of their studies, they need to be helped to find employment in their respective training field. Our private sector trade partners need to lead the way to ensure our Seychellois graduates find employment. My key message to you is let us find a way to give a fair chance to our capable and to our trained Seychellois looking for employment. Let’s be supportive to our returning graduates. The success of our tourism industry is the success of our hotels, large and small, but for you to deliver the level of service expected of a property in one of the most sought after tourism destination you need good and qualified staff to work and increase your productivity.’’

Shannon College of Hotel Management

In his introductory remarks the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture had welcomed the returning Seychellois graduates from the Shannon College of Hotel Management present at the meeting.  He commended them for their excellent results saying that they had done the country proud.  “The Ministry of Tourism and Culture will be supportive in ensuring that you are taken care of by the trade partners” Minister St.Ange said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs Elsia Grandcourt and the Principal of the Tourism Academy also addressed the meeting. General Managers and Human Resource Managers were given opportunities to ask questions to members chairing the meeting which included Principal Secretary of Tourism, Mrs Sherin Naiken  Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs Elsia Grandcourt, Principal of Seychelles Tourism Academy, Mr Flavien Joubert, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Human Resource Development, Mr Egbert Rosalie, General Manager Hotel d’Application, Mr Peter Moncherry, General Manager of Four Seasons, Mr Alex Portreous and General Manager of Ephelia Resort, Mr Phillip Guitton.

Source: The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)