Lucy/Dinknesh to come home in April


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  (ENA) – The 3.2 million year old Ethiopian fossil, Lucy/Dinknesh, will return home in April 2013, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry, Lucy/Dinknesh, will be back home after a five year tour in the USA.

Lucy and other heritages began the tour in the USA as per the agreement signed in 2000 EC between the Ministry and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Lucy’s last exhibition will be organized in California from February to April 2013.

A delegation led by Culture and Tourism Minister Amin Abdulkadir has left here for the USA to take part in the exhibition.

Lucy/Dinknesh was discovered in 1974 at Hadar in the Awash Valley of Afar Depression.