Step back in time in Ethiopia

Monk Praying in Lalibela

Ethiopia may not top the list of global heritage tourism hot spots, but with a history dating back to the second century B.C. it really should. Located in the Horn of Africa, this destination offers incredibly rich traditions, rugged natural scenery and colorful cultural experiences.

Not only is it home to eight cultural World Heritage Sites, its Simien National Park was declared a natural World Heritage Site in the 1970s due to its spectacular jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and such rare animal species as the Simien fox and gelada baboon.

The Simien Mountains, within the national park, are situated in northern Ethiopia, with the tallest peak rising as high as 15,000 feet above sea level. Surprisingly, the rugged, high mountain range is dotted with villages linked by tracks.

Another of Ethiopia’s superb natural spectacles and arguably one of Africa’s most spectacular natural attractions, Tisisat Falls, or Blue Nile Falls, can be visited in Ethiopia, while no fewer than 14 wildlife reserves have been demarcated in the country.