Habesha Celebrates the Best of Ethiopian Cuisine

Appetizers presented on the mesob BY JOHN ANDERSON
Appetizers presented on the mesob

Friendly newcomers share Ethiopian food and hospitality


Habesha Restaurant and Bar is the newest addition to the small number of African restaurants in Austin.
The grand opening party on January 5th attracted 300 people and now the restaurant is rapidly becoming a popular spot to enjoy flavorful Ethiopian food in a warm, friendly, and authentic atmosphere.
I visited Habesha (the name means Ethiopian) on a Friday night with my husband, Michael, our friend from Nigeria and his wife. Stepping into the restaurant is like visiting the home of an Ethiopian friend. We were greeted at the door by Yidnekachew Fantu, the co-owner and a hostess.Instead of being seated at a table, we sat on small chairs around the traditional, hourglass shaped, mesob table made out of woven straw. Its circular shape allows several people to eat communally in the traditional Ethiopian way. The woven lid is kept on the mesob until it is time to eat. Read more