Togo confirm Adebayor squad inclusion

Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

The president of Togo’s football federation says he intervened to include Emmanuel Adebayor in the country’s Africa Cup of Nations squad.

Gabriel Ameyi told the BBC he took action once he realised the Tottenham striker had not been selected.

“On the initial list, those guys weren’t there,” Ameyi said of Adebayor and veteran goalkeeper Agassa Kossi.

“I insisted and if I am accused of intervening in selection, yes I did, but only regarding Adebayor and Kossi.”

It is unclear whether coach Didier Six failed to call up the Spurs forward given his recent proclamations that he did not wish to play in the tournament held in South Africa.

“I think everything is sorted out as in his statements on various television channels. Sheyi (as Adebayor is often known in Togo) has clearly said he will be taking part in the Africa Cup of Nations,” Ameyi added.

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