“Kebet Eske Ketema”

Kebet Eske Ketema Bus Tour
Kebet Eske Ketema Bus Tour (Photo: whatsoutaddis.com)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -Kebet Eske Ketema will have its special tour this Saturday from 2-5 pm following its fifth year on the Air. In addition to the experience from the top of a double decker bus and the narration , the tour will include a piece of Enrico cake, Kesha kofiya to cover you from the sun ,Bottled water to quench your thirst ,home made kolo and more

Kebet Eske Ketema” is a weekly program transmitted on Sheger FM 102.1 every Tuesday evening from 8:00-9:00 pm and rerun on Wednesday from 9:00 am-10:00 am. The program,produced & presented by Maheder G/Medhin – a practicing architect , focuses on Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Urban Living. The program, which was launched on the 25th of December 2007, has become the leading medium for Architects, Engineers, Academicians, Researchers ,Practitioners and related professionals in the construction industry to share their knowledge and experience to the public.

To celebrate the third year anniversary of the radio program with meticulous preparation , on December 11 2010, the producer launched a specialized architectural tour conducted by an architect on a double deck bus.named Guzo Kebet Eske Ketema * – (travel from home to the city)

The objectives of the tour are to inject a new interest in the city, create another form of education through entertainment and share the building and urbanity history of the city with its residents and

Rare publications on the city of Addis Abeba collected by the producer over the years, including autobiographies of influential personalities, old pictures, documentaries and focused interviews with prominent architects and planners are being used as base for this specialized architectural tour.

Kebet Eske Ketema - Saturday, December 29 - 2-5 pm
Kebet Eske Ketema – Saturday, December 29 – 2-5 pm

On specific Sunday afternoons at 2:30 pm the 3 ½ hours the tour starts from the biggest public square in Addis, Meskel Square and drive via Minelik Avenue to Arat Kilo, Sidist Kilo, Piassa, old Arada Merkato, Tekelahamanot Square, Churchill Avenue, National Theatre, Mexico Square, Pushkin Square, Lagare Railway Station, Ambassador Cinema, Filweha Baths, National Stadium, via Meskel Square to Urale, Bole Medhanialem, Millennium Hall, Africa Avenue and conclude at Meskel

A stop over at a selected building will enable visitors to experience the spaces if the building and enjoy the areal view of Addis Abeba . Enat building located in front of the famous Enrico Pastry was part of the last three tours. Starting from March 2011 the stop over will be on other special building.

Guzo Kebet eske ketema is probably the only means to know the holistic architectural history, urban legends in relation to current trends of the city. The tour has enjoyed positive reviews in the local press and on its ‘facebook’ link. Through word to mouth, the tour is getting
popular. Until February 2010, 4 tours were organized and some visitors have attended the tour twice to be part of this unique experience.

On the tour, a traditional cape (kesha Kofiya), Kollo (roasted traditional barley) and bottled water will be given to all visitors. All used bottles will be collected at the end of the tour and will be given to an artists to come up with an art piece taking the tour as a subject.

In the near future, the tour will be also conducted in English and French for non-Amharic speakers. For information visit www.kebeteskeketema.com , Kebet eske ketema on Sheger fm 102.1 on facebook or call Mahelet Legesse at 0920612010.

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