Gonder secures 19 million Birr from tourism

Gonder, Ethiopia – (ENA) – Over 19 million Birr was secured from tourists, who visited historic, cultural and religious sites in Gondar Town, Amhara State during the first quarter of this fiscal year, the town culture and tourism department said.

Department Head, Getahun Seyum told ENA on Thursday that the stated sum was obtained from more than 16,300 tourists, who visited the sites. Some 12,300 of the tourists are domestic visitors, while the remaining more than 4,000 are foreigners, he said. According to the head, the number of tourists, who visited the sites and the amount secured from the sector exceeded last year’s same period by 6,000 and 12 million Birr respectively.

The castles of King Fasiledes and his successors, Fasil’s swimming pool, Churches of Debra Berhan Selassie and Kuskwam Mariam are among the major sites visited by the tourists.

Flanked by twin mountain streams at an altitude of more than 2,300 m, Gondar was founded by Emperor Fasiledes. Fasiledes moved his capital to Gondar in 1636. The Town of Gondar is famous for its many medieval castles as well as the design and decoration of its churches. Fasil Ghebbi was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.