Girma Wake resigns from United Insurance Board

By Dawit Taye

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Girma Wake, the seasoned aviation man and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ethiopian Airlines has resigned from his board chairmanship at United Insurance Company to take up his latest assignment at Air Rwanda.

Girma was appointed as board chairman of Air Rwanda ten month ago in addition to an aviation affairs advisory job to the Transport Minister of Rwanda.

His resignation was announced during the annual general assembly meeting of the company held last Thursday at the Addis Ababa Hilton in his absence. In a message that was read out to the general assembly, Girma said that he would be unable to carryout his responsibilities as chairman of the board as he will be completely immersed for the next year-and-a-half in his duties at Air Rwanda.

It was last year that Girma was elected as board chairman of United. Girma still had a good two years to serve out his term. He promised to come back and rejoin the board after completing his assignment in Rwanda.

After the announcement, the general assembly voted in new board members to fill in vacant board positions. Hence, the 9-member board complemented by Meseret Bezabih, current CEO, together with Yemaneh Bisrat, board chairman before Girma Wake, Neguisse Aberra and United Bank as its new members.

The board is expected to choose its chairman at its first meeting .

Source: The Reporter