Shwaas gives a taste of contemporary India


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -  A fusion of Indian music with Jazz and Blues received warm applause from the diverse crowd at the National Theater, last Monday May 21.  Shwaas, which means breath, is an Indian band that sensually mingles flutes with other instruments to create an ecstatic composition. Indian instruments come together with electronic instruments to create a colorful, enchanting environment.

The eight member band has a story behind each song, influenced from global sounds of Africa and Asia.

They also sing traditional favorites like “Wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong and spiritually fused pieces like “Beloved” which mixes, Hindu and Christianity; using  famous gospel songs like “Amazing Grace” and “Joyful” with Hindu verses. The artists also performed a song that is called “Brotherhood,” which was dedicated to the long standing relationship between Africa and India.

The concert was organized by the Embassy of India and played at the Mulalem Cultural Center in Bahir Dar on May 22nd, Addis Ababa University on May 23rd and at the Italian Cultural Center on May 26th.

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