Lifan Launches SUV X-60 Model in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Lifan launched its latest model assembled in Ethiopia, the SUV X-60. The new model will be the seventh to be introduced by the Chinese company in Ethiopia.

Lifan has already sold 60 of the X-60 in the first weeks it’s been out according to sources within the company.

The X-60 is a sports utility vehicle which is effective on both asphalt and gravel roads, sporting a 1800cc horse power engine designed in cooperation with British Engine manufacturer RICARDO. The external body of the car resembles that of a Toyota RAV 4.

The new model runs 12km to the liter and costs 530,000 birr with delivery expected in three and a half months after order.

A significant feature of the new model is the Variable Valve Timing engine which controls the opening and closing of the intake valve in response to different operating conditions to improve the power performance of the engine and to reduce fuel consumption noted experts in the industry.

The new car will be promoted by Radio sports journalist and celebrity Mesele Mengistu who has been serving as brand Ambassdor for Lifan for the last year. Lifan gifted Mesele with one of the first SUV X-60’s.

Lifan has three showrooms with the largest to be found in the Kazanchis area. The second showroom is located in the state capital of the Southern Regional State, Hawassa and the third in the state capital of the Amahara Regional State, Bahir Dar.

The company has assembled and marketed more than 3000 vehicles since it began operations in Ethiopia in 2009.

Source: Ethiopian Herald