Addis Ababa obtains $252 million from tourism

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Addis Ababa City Culture and Tourism Bureau announced that $252.2 million has been obtained from tourism industry over the last six months.

Bureau Communication Supportive Work Process owner Worku Mengesha told the Ethiopian Herald that the number of tourists visiting the city and the revenue as well has been increasing from year to year.

The number and the income obtained in 2002 were 447,795 and 3.1 billion birr. Last year the figure has shown marked increase- 515,336 tourists and 4.2 million birr.” Worku attributes the increase to among others, the intensive and well organized promotion, the city increasing chance of hosting international conferences like ICASA, the international conference on Federalism, the prevalence of peace and security in the country, the culture of hospitality, existence of most attractive natural and cultural heritages.

Source: Ethiopian Herald