Teddy Afro Dominates Ethiopian Music Scene Once Again

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The much-anticipated album of all time, Teddy Afro’s Tekur Sew (or Black Man), was released last week on the eve of Easter.

After his second album of 2005, Teddy released several singles, but he did not make full album. Since the last album, the singer who played a significant role through his music on the controversies of 2005 election went through several difficulties himself. Especially his arrest and subsequent sentence for running over a man with a car raised his popularity to high level. The case was treated as politically motivated.

After his release from prison, his every move made news and everything he said was quoted in almost all private publications in the country. Regardless of the actions by the public media to discount him, the private media was obsessed with him and so was the public. Teddy got the title of “The King of Ethiopian Music” which previously was assigned to the legendary Tilahun Gessesse. Read more on Ezega/com