Ethio Mixer USA 2012 – Tonight


Washington DC – (Press Release) – April’s EthioMixer is piggy backing off of the *DC to Africa* Growing Local and Going Global event that took place last Friday in the Office on African Affairs of District of Columbia, and also from the special dedications last Monday for the rebirth of the historic landmark of  Howard Theater and the installation of the statue of  Duke Ellington in the Shaw-U Street neighborhood.

Kindly Join Little Ethiopia DC for a more in depth networking event by meeting:

*MR. ANDREW LAURENCE, an African-American community activist with an Ethiopian heritage, who played an important role in the Ethio-Afro American Relations in the United States.

*DR.MULUGETA AGAZE, who has a PHD in program management, will be discussing business in Africa and his experiences in South Africa. He has done several feasibility reports across different industries.

*MR. Shawn Cornett, a top 15 money earner of one of fastest growing Fortune 500 companies will present ” How to Generate Capital “  for those people looking to fund their own businesses.

The objective of tomorrow’s Ethio Mixer is to provide vital information to business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in Africa while using the resources that the D.C. government and the Federal government have made available. The Key to success is forming a quality network.( partnership )