Ethiopia & Germany sign agreement to improve air transport service

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopia and Germany signed bilateral agreement to improve existing air transport services, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority said.

According to a statement the Authority sent to ENA, Regulation Deputy Director-General with the Authority, Gobena Guangul and International Air Transport Director of Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development of Germany, Ulrich-Martin STIEHL signed the agreement in Bonn, Germany.

The new accord enables Ethiopian fly to four German cities seven times a week.

Ethiopia and Germany had signed bilateral air transport service agreement on 19 Feb. 2003. According to the agreement, Ethiopian was flying to two German cities three times a week only.

Gobena said on the occasion that the agreement is part of the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) to expand international destinations.

He said there is plan to increase the destinations to 65 during the second year of the GTP period.

Ethiopia and Germany signed a bilateral agreement to expand air transport service between the two countries.

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) told WIC today that the agreement would expand Ethiopian airline’s routes from the existing two destinations in Germany to four.