Fasika, a new Ethiopian restaurant in Fresno

Fasika Restaurant in Fresno, CA (photo: Fasika)

Fresno, California (Fresno Bee) – A new Ethiopian restaurant, Fasika, has opened on Blackstone Avenue in central Fresno.

Fans of Lucy’s Lair, the Ethiopian restaurant at Maple and Behymer avenues, already are familiar with this type of cuisine, but it’s a new one for many Fresnans — including me.

The food is served family-style, meaning you share a large plate with friends. Diners rip off pieces of the spongy, tortilla-like “injera,” to scoop up bites of seasoned lentils or chicken and beef strips called “tibs.”

There’s something a little unsettling about being served a huge plate of food without a fork or spoon in sight. But the staff is liberal with the napkins, and it soon feels like a natural way to eat.

The sharing and comparing of dishes with friends adds an element of entertainment you don’t get at many restaurants.

The owners say Ethiopian food is similar to Indian food, made with lots of spices, onions, garlic and tomato. Dishes can be made mild or spicy. One includes raw beef, though there are extensive vegetarian options, too.

“This has always been a dream, to open up a restaurant and show people our culture,” says Sara Gizaw, part of the family who runs the restaurant.


Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant

4714 N. Blackstone Avenue

Fresno, California 93726

Tel: (559) 222-2801

E-mail: fasikaethiopian@yahoo.com

Facebook Page : www.fblinks.com/fasika.