Semien Mountain National Park generates 2.3 million Birr revenue

Gondar, Ethiopia (ENA) – Semien Mountain National Park generated 2.3 million Birr in revenue from 8,600 tourists who visited the park during the last 6 months, said park office head, Sisay Mekuanint.

Mekuanint told ENA on Tuesday that 8,000 of the visitors were foreigners, and that this year’s revenue exceeded last year’s figure by 19,000 Birr.

The park, located in northern Ethiopia, is home to some of the rarest animals on earth including the Semien fox, the Gelada baboon and the Walia ibex.

UNESCO had inscribed the park as world heritage in 1978.

The rock hewn churches of Lalibela, Emperor Fasil’s Castle, Axum Obelisks, Lower Awash Valley, Lower Omo Valley, Tiya Carved Stelae, the Harar Wall and the terraces of Konso are some of Ethiopia’s world heritage sites so far inscribed by UNESCO.