SPORTS: Adama Kenema FC has a new website

Adama, Ethiopia – Premier League club, Adama Kenema FC aka Adama City, has now a new website ( courtesy of Ethiopian-Italian Ricucci Gabriele.

Ricucci, who was born in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia on June 16, 1971, has previously created the website of Dire Dawa Kenema FC ( FC.

Although Ricucci left Ethiopia for San Marino, Italy when he was just 8 years-old, he never forgot his roots and he has been back to Dire Dawa on a number of occasions, where he has previously donated an ambulance to Dil Chora Hospital and soccer balls to some of the youth teams in the city.

He is also planning to lend his support to Harar Brewery, another Premier League team.

Adama F.C.
Woreda 2, Kebele 11
Nazret, Ethiopia

Telephone: +251 022 1112003
Telephone: +251 022 1112160
Fax: +251 022 1112160

To find out more about Ricucci’s great contribution to the motherland, please click here.