Ethiopian Banks SC defeats Eth.Coffee 1-0 in City Cup

Ethiopian Banks SC (Click on photo to enlarge)

Addis Ababa – Ethiopian Banks SC defeated Ethiopian Coffee 1-0 and EEPCo squeezed by Harar Beer with a 2-1 victory here today in the 5th edition of the Addis Ababa City Cup. 

The tournament got underway yesterday with defending champions St. George beating Defence Force 2-1 and Dedebit FC blanketing Weha Serawoch (Water Works) 2-0. 

The tournament was created as a pre-season competition to allow teams in the capital to test their strength and work on their weaknesses. Harar Brewery is once again invited as a guest team 

Eight teams drawn in two groups will compete for first place prize money.
Group 1:  Ethiopia Coffee, EEPCO, Ethiopian Banks and Harar Beer.
 Group 2:  Saint George, Dedebit FC, Defence and Weha Serawoch, a lower division team representing the Department of Water Works).