Tariku Bekele finishes second in Sicily race

Sicily, Italy – Tariku Bekele, younger brother of world famous athlete Kenenisa Bekele, finished second in the Memorial Peppe Greco 10km loop race held here on Sunday. 

Although Tariku was the pre-race favorite, he couldn’t contain Edwin Soi of Kenya, who won in 29:17, his third consecutive triumph here. 

A newly introduced women’s race was held a day before in the nearby city of Modica, where 5000m World silver medalist Sylvia Kibet of Kenya became the first woman to win titile. Ejigayehu Dibaba, Tirunesh’s sister, came in second, with veteran athlete Berhane Adere finishing fourth. 

 Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie, who won here four times in a row from 1995 to 1998, is the race’s record holder (28:22), which he sets 12 years ago. 

Meanwhile, Ethiopian-born and European 5000m champion, Alemitu Bekele of Turkey, finished a disappointing seventh. 

Leading results –
Men’s race (10km):
1. Edwin Soi, KEN, 29:17
2. Tariku Bekele, ETH, 29:18
3. Dennis Masai, KEN, 29:18
4. Lucas Rotich, KEN, 29:21
5. Adihana Gebretsadik, ETH, 29:24
Women’s race (approximately 7km):
1. Sylvia Kibet, KEN, 23:33
2. Ejegayehu Dibaba, ETH, 23:35
3. Pauline Korikwiang, KEN, 23:36
4. Berhane Adere, ETH, 23:38
5. Oljira Jemama, ETH, 23:39
6. Meselech Melkamu, ETH, 23:42
7. Alemitu Bekele, TUR, 23:50