8th Ethiopian Sport & Culture Festival in Europe to be held in Amsterdam next week

By Mistre Haile Selassie 

Zurich, Switzerland – The 8th Annual Ethiopian Sport & Culture Festival in Europe will be held in Amsterdam, Holland next week. 

Ethiopia’s greatest athlete Haile Gebrselassie and former Ethiopian national soccer team player Negussie Gebre are this year’s invited guests of honor. However, Haile’s presence at the festival has not yet been confirmed because of his tight and demanding schedule. As a result, sports fans have asked the federation to invite former Ethiopian athlete and Switzerland- resident Mohammed Kedir, should Haile not make it. Mohammed was a member of the great Ethiopian running generation of the 80s (Green Flood), which included the likes of Miruts Yifter, Yohannes Mohammed and Eshetu Tura to name a few. 

The 3-day festival (July 29-31) comprises 23 Ethiopian football teams representing various European cities, and will also include two guest team from the USA for the first time. Furthermore, football and running events for youth athletes will also be held.   

The 23 teams are grouped accordingly: 

Group A: Ethio-Switzerland, Ethio-Birmingham (UK), Ethio-Belgium, Ethio-Holland and Ethio-Toulouse (France). 

Group B : Ethio-Sweden, Ethio-Munich (Germany), Ethio-Stuttgart (Germany), Ethio-London (UK), Ethio-Norway and Ethio-Scandinavia. 

Group C : Ethio-Amsterdam (Holland), Ethio-Katanga (London, UK), Ethio-France, Ethio-Nurnberg (Germany) and Ethio-Cologne (Germany). 

Group D : Ethio-Frankfurt (Germany), Ethio-Rome (Italy), Ethio-Finland, Ethio-Zurich (Switzerland), Ethio-USA and Ethio-Italy.

 EthioSports.com would like to inform Ethiopian sports fans that our European correspondent Mistre Haile Selassie will post daily news and results from Amsterdam.