Dedebit FC wins Ethiopian Cup as St. George saw 5 players sent off

Sebeta – Newly promoted Dedebit FC was declared the 2009/10 Ethiopian Cup Winners after their opponents and current league champions St. George FC saw 5 of their players sent off. 

Dedebit FC was leading 1-0 when the referee stopped the match. 

The problem started when striker Michael Tadesse was sent off following a harsh word of exchange with the referee. Some players from St. George confronted the official and soon after Adane Girma received his marching order. The decision enraged Saints’ fans and their efforts to invade the pitch were only prevented by the large police force present at the game.  It took 25 minutes before the match resumed again. 

After the break, with what seems an apparent intention to be sent off, Saints’ goalie was seen collecting the ball with his hand outside the penalty on more than one occasion .The ref had no choice but to send him off. Sadly, his replacement did the same thing and he too was sent off. 

Soon after, the referee ended the match and declared Dedebit FC the winner.

Watch the video here