Garad wins Addis Ababa Cycling Championship

By Tilaye Wube , PhD –

Addis Ababa (December 12, 2009) – The 2009/10 season of the Addis Ababa Cycling Championship came to a conclusion here on Sunday with Garad winning the team title and Elias Walelign clinching the individual title.

In the final 60km-stage, which took place around the Addis Ababa Stadium, long time cyclist Birhanu Segne competing on his won took first place. The fierce competition for championship points was between Garad and Ehel Negd riders. Garad was leading by the narrowest of margins which Ehel Negd was determined to overturn in the final day. However, they were unable to live up to the task. The riders covered the race course in an average speed of

The top spot for the individual standings were occupied by Ehel Negd’s Ashenafi Tekeste and Elias Walelign. Ashenafi had a two point advantage over his fellow team mate. The two riders tied after Elias finished 2nd and Ashenafi 4th in Sunday’s final. Elias is declared champion based on his better results in the final stage. Assegid Hailu of Garad took 3rd place.

The Colina Construction sponsored the four week championship that included bike prizes for 1st and 2nd place winners and other items to riders who finished up to six places.