Ethiopia’s coffee export decline

Ethiopian Coffee Export

Ethiopia’s coffee exports have declined in the last ten months, the Ethiopian Trade Ministry said on Friday. In a report, the ministry said that Addis Ababa had exported 136,000 tons of coffee worth $489.28 in the last ten months, compared to $576.819 in the same period last year. According to the trade ministry, coffee exports […]

Ethiopia earns $ 2.8 bln from export

Addis Ababa (WIC) –Ethiopia earned 2.8 billion US dollars from various products exported during the past 11 months, according to the Ministry of Trade (MoT). Ministry Corporate Communication Directorate Directore, Amakele Yimam, told WIC today that the stated sum of revenue was secured from the export of 37, 358 tonnes of agricultural produces, manufacturing, minerals and […]

Coffee grounded-but not ground down

Ethiopian Coffee

  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – In spite of high expected harvest in the coffee sub-sector, the half year export performance of the year 2012 appears to be sending chills through the stockholders, write Asrat Seyoum and Birhanu Fikade. If there is any appropriate time that one can easily examine the impact of price volatility on single-commodity dependent economy […]