Gamogofa Zone secures 40 million Birr from tourism

Crocodiles and Pelicans (Photo: )
Crocodiles and Pelicans (Photo: )

Arba Minch, Ethiopia (ENA) – Over 40 million Birr (a little over $2 million US) was secured from 85,000 tourists, who visited tourist sites in Gamogofa Zone, South Ethiopia Peoples’ State during the last nine months, the zonal culture and tourism as well as government communication affairs department said.

The Department told ENA on Wednesday that more than 30,490 of the visitors are foreigners. The revenue exceeded by over 30 million Birr that of same period last year, it said, adding, the number of visitors also increased by half.

Expansion of tourist destinations, infrastructure development, increasing number of service facilities as well as activities carried out to promote the sites, among others, contributed to the growth in the revenue and the increase in the number of tourists.

Nech Sar and Maze National Parks, Lake Abaya, Lake Chamo, Dorze village, Crocodile Ranch , the famous 40 springs of Arba Minch, among others, are some of the sites visited by the tourists.

Arba Minch is the capital of Gamogofa Zone. It means 40 springs in Amharic.

Ethiopia is home to several interesting historical and natural sites.


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