DHL Partners Up With NOC

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - DHL Express and National Oil Ethiopia (NOC) signed a retail agreement partnership on Wednesday September 19th, 2012. It is the first time DHL has partnered with a company based in Africa. The partnership with NOC is done in an attempt to supply customers with easy access to international shipping services.

“This partnership allows enhanced expediency and accessibility to DHL’s global services which includes domestic and international shipments to major centers in over 220 countries,” said Essete Gebrel, DHL’s Country Manager to Ethiopia.

DHL also introduced a new concept known as Express Easy where customers can look forward to a standardized packaging with all inclusive pricing. Customers can choose one of seven packaging types and pay a rate based on the size rather based on the weight of the item. Express Easy package is also made from recycled material supporting DHL Express’ GO Green environmental protection strategy.

“This new service is very affordable and will be convenient because of the locations of the service giving centers,” stated Essete Gebrel.

Five NOC fuel stations alongside all service points of DHL have been chosen as initial sites for the new product. The fuel stations that are chosen are the ones found at CMC, Lem Hotel, Meskel Square, Beklo Bet and Kera.

“This partnership is the mark of a new era in Ethiopia’s business world as noting similar has been attempted previously. We don’t want our customers to just come to our establishments for fuel, we want our stations to be a business as well as social centers where customers can get whatever they need,” said Tadesse Tilahun, NOC’s General Manager.

He also stated that NOC was happy to partner with an international company because it brings the opportunity for the company to tap into international connections as well.

The Country Director for DHL Ethiopia stated that although initially DHL is working with five NOC stations, it is hoping to expand to all 200 NOC stations in the future.

Source: Capital Ethiopia


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