Dedebit FC defeats EEPCO 1-0

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Dedebit FC defeated EEPCO 1-0 here today to take over the leadership of the Ethiopia Premier League from St. George.

The lead is however temporary as St. George could retake it back with a victory over Harar Brewery on Tuesday.

Dedebit’s top striker Getaneh Kebede scored his team’s lone goal of the match.

This marked the 14th goal of the season for Getaneh, who despite missing 8 matches due to injury, is seated among the league’s top scorers Medhane Tadesse and Adana Girma.

Week 22

 05-12-2012  EEPCO0-1 0-1  Dedebit FC
 05-12-2012  Defence Force   –  Air Force
 05-13-2012  Adama City   –  Mugher Cement
 05-13-2012  Sidama Coffee   –  Ethiopian Coffee
 05-13-2012  CBE   –  Hawassa City
 05-13-2012  Dire Dawa City   –  Arba Minch
 05-15-2012  St. George   –  Harar Brewery



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