Arba Minch Kenema & Ayer Hayl earn promotion to Ethiopian Premier League

Addis Ababa – Arba Minch Kenema (Arba Minch City) defeated Metehara Sugar and Ayer Hayl (Air Force FC) beat Ethiopian Insurance on penalty kicks to earn promotion to the 2011/12 Ethiopian Premier League season.

Both matches ended scoreless in regulation time and the rules stipulate that the teams go directly to penalty kicks instead of the traditional 30 minutes extra time play.

Relegated Teams: 

Trans Ethiopia (Mekelle), Sebeta City (Sebeta), Lideta Nyala (Addis Ababa) and Fincha Sugar (Fincha).

Promoted Teams: 

Arba Minch Kenema (Arba Minch) an Ayer Hayl (Air Force) of Bishoftu.


The 2011/12 Ethiopian Premier League season will have 14 teams

(Teams’ Ethiopian names & their English version in parenthesis) 

Adama (1)

Adama Kenema (Adama City) – Website 

Addis Ababa (6)

Dedebit FC

Mekelakeya (Defence Force)

Mebrat Hayl (EEPCo)

Ye Ethiopia Nigd Bank (Commercial Bank of Ethiopia)

Ye Ethiopia Bunna (Ethiopian Coffee)

Kedus Giorgis (St. George FC)– Website 

Arba Minch (1)

Arba Minch Kenema (Arba Minch City) 

Assela (1)

Muger Cemento (Mugher Cement)

Bishoftu (1)

Ayer Hayl (Air Force FC) 

Yirgalem (2)

Hawassa Kenema (Hawassa City)

Sidama Bunna (Sidama Coffee) 

Dire Dawa (1)

Dire Dawa Kenema (Dire Dawa City) –  Website 

Harar (1)*

Harer Birra (Harar Brewery)

* Harar Brewery played most of their 2010/11 season in Dire Dawa.


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