LA Fundraiser for former Ethiopian Boxer Seifu Mekonnen

Los Angeles, California – A fundraising event organized by friends and fans of former Ethiopian Olympic boxer Seifu Mekonnen “Tibo”, will be held here on Saturday, February 5, 2011.

The event will serve both to honor his life-long legacy to the sport and to also raise money to cover expenses for kidney transplant procedure.

Seifu has been taking medicine since he learned that he has diabetes 25 years ago. Unfortunately, both of his kidneys failed and he has been on dialysis treatment since April 2009.

At present Seifu is in line for a kidney transplant and is hopeful that he will get one soon and resume a productive life.

The February 5 fundraising event will feature some of Ethiopia’s sports and music legends including former body builder Girma Cheru, singers Mahmud Ahmed and Teshome Mitiku and Teshome’s brother and famous saxophonist Tewodros Mitiku.

For more info about the event, please visit Seifu’s website at:

The Los Angeles Times also featured an article about Seifu:,0,


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