Feedel Band – ፊደል An Introduction….

Feedel Band

Feedel is by definition, the Amharic word for letter or alphabet. In all languages we learn to speak and read, one letter at a time. Feedel Band is taking Ethiopian music and Jazz, and blending it into a simmering stew of musical genre, textures and feeling. They are creating and in some cases re-creating the musical genre. Feedel takes Ethio melodies structured over the traditional scales and play them highlighting rhythms of the world.

The members of Feedel Band are acclaimed musicians in their own right. Individually, and as part of a larger group they’ve all performed with numerous well known musicians and artists.

Since the bands inception, the reception that Feedel has received has been extraordinary. At FestAfrica 2011, the audience was enamored with their warm and engaging style. While their music is inspired by the sounds of legendary Ethiopian bands like Walias, Ibex and Roha Band, Feedel Band also play their own music.

A Message to our Fans

It is our sincere hope that we can entertain our fans. As musicians we are at our best when performing live. It is with this very thought that we came together as a band. The synergy of performer and audience is a magical one. All too quickly that moment is gone. What we’re trying to create is an atmosphere where our music will transport you, and leave you with a memory of good music shared with even better friends.

Please join us this Saturday Oct. 13, 2012, Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant: 3900A Pickett Rd , Fairfax VA 22031.

We look forward to seeing you all.