Gebre-Egziabher “Gebre” Gebremariam to defend New York City Marathon Title

NEW YORK – Ethiopian Gebre-Egziabher “Gebre” Gebremariam entered the New York City Marathon last year just hoping to finish the rest. It was his debut marathon and his only goal was to finish. He left New York a champion, having won the race in 2:08:14.

“I did not think I could win last year. It was my first marathon. I planned only to finish,” Gebremariam recently told Universal Sports. “But now I know the marathon. I hope it’s faster than last year.”

Gebremariam is confident that he can defend his title this year; so long the frontrunners enter Central Park together. “When we reach the halfway, I think we’ll help each other. When I reach Central Park (if we are together), I know I will win. I’m ready,” Gebremariam stated. But he does not believe that this race, because of the difficult course, will be as fast as Boston (2:03:02) or Berlin (2:03:38) this year. “(New York) is not like Berlin, 2:03. It’s not like the other marathons, 2:05. But 2:06, 2:07 I think I need to run.” Read Full Report on Universal Sports.