Dedebit FC Refutes Yanga’s accusation of mistreatment in Addis

Addis Ababa – Yohannes Sahile Tesema, General Manager and Technical Director of Dedebit FC, has indicated to that his club refutes Young Africans’ “Yanga” accusation of being mistreated in Addis Ababa when the club travelled to Ethiopia to play in the second leg match of CAF Confederation Cup.

According to reports from one of the officials who accompanied Young Africans to Addis Ababa, Yanga claimed that they were treated poorly by host Dedebit, after players and officials were left stranded at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport for four hours, and they were assigned accommodation at below standard hotel.

Here is the full account of the story that Yohannes wrote to

I read the accusation made by Young Africans Team about being mistreated when they came to Ethiopia. I hope you will pass this information to the public. I will tell you exactly what happened.  Since we are talking about African Confederation Cup match, first we need to talk about some of the rules and regulations about traveling to another country.

Here are the rules that relates to this incident.

1. The visiting team’s football federation must inform the host federation the date of its team’s arrival in the host’s capital city. This information must reach the organizers ONE WEEK before the date of the match at the latest. Federations who fail to follow this rule shall pay a $500 US fine to CAF.

2. The visiting delegation must respect the International Laws concerning entry visas and health certificates.

Without respecting FIFA, CAF, Ethiopian immigration rules and regulations they came to Addis Abeba Bole Airport with 33 people without telling anyone. When the Immigration people told us about the situation, Dedebit’s officials with the help of Ethiopian Football Federation help them get visas to get in the country even though they failed to get visas before they left Tanzania. Yes, to do some of Immigration process for 33 people, it took around two hours.

Secondly, Even though they did not communicate with our federation or Dedebit Football Club about their arrival according to FIFA and CAF rules, we still provided bus for the players and mini bus for the team delegates.

After all that, we took them to Ras Hotel, which is a three star hotel, but they didn’t want to stay there but wanted to go to the Hilton instead. I told them myself that if they wanted to go to Hilton Hotel they can, but they will have to pay. The reason I said that is when our team travelled to Tanzania, we were offered accommodation at a two star hotel.

Anyway, at the end of the day it is the match commissioner who decides about this kind of matter and he told them to stay at Ras Hotel.

So, when our team travelled to Tanzania we paid $50.00 for each person to get a visa at Tanzanian Embassy in Addis. We also informed them and their federation one week before we left Addis about our arrival time, date and Air plane flight number.

Yong Africans is a team that was founded in 1930 and has won more than 17 premier league Championships in Tanzania. They have traveled to many destinations before but why they did not follow basic CAF rules and Regulations, I really don’t know.

As everybody in the world knows, we Ethiopians do not disrespect those who come to our country to visit. I think our track record can speak for itself.

Finally, on behalf of Dedebit Football Club, I would like to thank all our supporters for unbelievable support they gave us.

Yohannes (John) Tesema

General Manager and Technical Director

Dedebit FC