Biodiversity Project of Ephelia Resort of Seychelles

Ephelia Resort of Seychelles

Mahé, Seychelles – The Constance Ephelia Resort of Seychelles was awarded a grant worth US$40,000 from the government of Seychelles’ “Mainstreaming Biodiversity” project funded by the Global Environment Facility. The grant was to support a project initiated by Ephelia Resort and the NGO Sustainability for Seychelles aiming to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort […]

Hunde Resort, a hill top hotel for Sululta

Hunde Resort (Photo: Capital Ethiopia)

Sululta, Ethiopia – Suluta a town 25Km Northwest of Addis Ababa inaugurated its latest hotel on May 5 at a cost of 16 million birr. The brand new hotel for the town lies over 2000sqm. The hotel built by a local businessman Abera Hunde and located in an area known as “Weserbi” mountain is named […]