Photo Exhibition: “Ethiopia, Spiritual Imprints” by Greek artist Lizy Manola

Ethiopia Spiritual Imprints (Photo: Lizy Manola) -

Venice, Italy -The photographic exhibition ‘Ethiopia, Spiritual Imprints‘ by the Greek artist Lizy Manola will open on August 30, 2014 at 6 PM at the Officina dell’Arte Spirituale on Venice’s San Giorgio Maggiore island. It will run through October 20.The show comprises seventy photos of places, people and things considered holy, which were shot by […]

The spirit of a pure Christianity: Exploring Ethiopia’s stunning subterranean churches

The faithful wend their way towards the Bet Giyorgis – the 50ft-tall Church of St George carved into the volcanic rock of Lalibela by hand, shaped like a giant Greek cross (Photo: Evgeny Lebedev)

When he ventured into the mysterious subterranean churches of Ethiopia, Evgeny Lebedev not only visited one of the world’s architectural marvels, he experienced a humble Orthodox Christianity which shames Russia’s own. I wake up and don’t have a clue where I am. There is barely any light, hardly enough to pierce the curtains. But it’s […]

Christians in Holy Land re-enact crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians

JERUSALEM –  Christians in the Holy Land are commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Good Friday prayers and processions through Jerusalem’s Old City. Thousands of Christian pilgrims filled the cobblestone alleyways of the Old City on Friday along the Via Dolorosa, Latin for the “Way of Suffering.” They are carrying wooden crosses and following […]

First Israeli-born qes to visit Rhode Island

Qes Efraim Zion-Lawi

Ethiopian Jewish religious leader excited to learn and teach. Twenty-seven-year-old Qes Efraim Zion-Lawi, the first Israeli-born qes (traditional Ethiopian Jewish religious leader), will visit the Jewish community of R.I. during the last week of March. Before heading to R.I., Qes Efraim will attend the Ethiopian Jewish Experience Shabbaton, taking place at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Connecticut from March […]

Keepers of the Lost Ark?

Ark of the Covenant

Christians in Ethiopia have long claimed to have the ark of the covenant. Our reporter investigated “They shall make an ark of acacia wood,” God commanded Moses in the Book of Exodus, after delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. And so the Israelites built an ark, or chest, gilding it inside and out. And […]