Against the waves

Irreecha Festival Insights of the 2014 Irreecha festival By Daniel Dormeyer When they left from Addis Ababa early in the morning of Sunday October 5, the two Europeans, James Cator from England and Daniel Dormeyer from Germany, accompanied by two Ethiopians, Minassie Alemayehu and Haile Mekonen, did not really gauge the significance and importance of what they […]

Meskel, Finding of the True Cross

Gishen Mariam Monastery Meskel Festival, the finding of the True Cross is celebrated today in Ethiopia. A Unique Heritage  Few countries in the world possess such a wealth and variety of ancient legends and fascinating attractions as Ethiopia. Apart from its geographical and historical sites Ethiopia’s cultural and religious festivities add to the beauty of its landscape and […]

Ethiopians Celebrate Annual ‘Demera’ Bonfire

Demera Bonfire Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Tens of thousands of Ethiopians converged on downtown Addis Ababa on Friday to celebrate Demera, the annual bonfire lighting ceremony on the eve of the anniversary of Meskel the finding of the true cross by St Helena in the fourth century AD. Resident diplomats, clerics, expats and government officials joined the […]

Proclamation aimed at boosting tourism income & preserving local heritages implemented

Meskel Celebration Addis Ababa, Ethiopia :(ENA) – Ministry of Culture and Tourism stated a new proclamation that is aimed at boosting tourism income and preserving heritages is being implemented. The country adopted a proclamation to this effect more than a decade ago. However, the proclamation did not address critical issues such as accountability, categorization of heritages, etc, creating […]

‘Tourist Hub’ Arba Minch Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

Arba Minch Jubilee Arba Minch Town, located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional State of Ethiopia, has celebrated the 50th year of its establishment. During the Golden Jubilee occasion, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and various high government officials were present. Surrounded by two major lakes, Abaya and Chamo, the town has multi-faceted cultural and natural attractions. […]

National Jubilee Palace to open doors for visitors

National Jubilee Palace     Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Ethiopian government has decided to turn the residential house of Ethiopian presidents, the National Jubilee Palace, into a museum and move the Jubilee Palace to Prince Mekonnen compound located in Sidist Kilo locality. New buildings will be built in the Prince Mekonnen compound. The designs of the new buildings […]

Photo Exhibition: “Ethiopia, Spiritual Imprints” by Greek artist Lizy Manola

Ethiopia Spiritual Imprints (Photo: Lizy Manola) - Venice, Italy -The photographic exhibition ‘Ethiopia, Spiritual Imprints‘ by the Greek artist Lizy Manola will open on August 30, 2014 at 6 PM at the Officina dell’Arte Spirituale on Venice’s San Giorgio Maggiore island. It will run through October 20.The show comprises seventy photos of places, people and things considered holy, which were shot by […]

Ancient Ethiopian holy city keeps modern life at bay

Harar Wall HARAR, Ethiopia ― Hyenas howl and feast on flesh every night outside the ancient walls of Harar ― one of Islam’s holiest cities that is holding out against the pressures of the modern world. But change is coming, and campaigners are working hard to preserve the gated Ethiopian city’s unique history, cultural and religious traditions. Inside […]

A Leap of Faith: 8 Religious Ceremonies from Around the World

Meskel Celebration For many people religion provides a sense of belonging, a reason to dance and sing or even light a ship on fire.  That’s where these eight festivals come in. Their traditional celebrations create a once-in-a-lifetime event that encourage tourists to join in on the action. Whether you’re captivated by the vibrancy that encompasses these eight […]

Ethiopia – Culture Smart!: The essential guide to customs & culture

CultureSmart Sarah Howard, a botanical artist and writer, is the author of a guide book on Ethiopia, Culture Smart!, which offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of Ethiopia, providing essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. Contents include: Land and people; Values and attitudes; Religion and traditions ; Making friends; Ethiopians at home; Time […]
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