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Ethiopia’s Economic Growth Attracts Young Diaspora

Mikhayel Tesfaye, CEO of Passport ADV

By Marthe Van Der Wolf ADDIS ABABA — Young members of the Ethiopian diaspora are returning in large numbers to their country of birth.  The Ethiopian government welcomes the impact these returnees could have on the economy. There are about 3 million Ethiopians living abroad – mostly in North America and Europe.  But in recent years, thousands […]

Volunteer Taxi, Nashville’s first-ever driver-led company

Volunteer Taxi

Nashville, TEN - More taxis are coming to Nashville and many of the new drivers will be the owners of their own cab company. “This is the American dream,” said Shimenes Tafesse, vice president of Volunteer Taxi, a company led by a group of Ethiopian-born immigrants, now authorized as the first-ever driver-owned company in Nashville. With a nervous […]