Ancient Ethiopian holy city keeps modern life at bay

Harar Wall HARAR, Ethiopia ― Hyenas howl and feast on flesh every night outside the ancient walls of Harar ― one of Islam’s holiest cities that is holding out against the pressures of the modern world. But change is coming, and campaigners are working hard to preserve the gated Ethiopian city’s unique history, cultural and religious traditions. Inside […]

Ancient art forms engulfed by the western wave

Traditional Art Traditional Ethiopian art forms are rich in color and symbolism, yet as, with many areas, western influences tend to dominate the scene. One reason is the lack of historical documents to explain the ancient techniques, and there is a real danger that without adequate teaching the unique skill will die out altogether.  Tibebeselassie Tigabu investigates. […]

Bye bye Ethiopian Calendar?

By Leyou Tameru  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Walking around this city, I can’t help but wonder why many cafes and restaurants do not have their names or their menus available in the local language. Everything is written in English without any translation, which indicates that they expect their clientele to be fluent in English. I […]

DNA confirms Ethiopian lions are genetically distinct group

Emperor Haile Selassie with one of his rare Lions Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – A pride of captive lions descended from the private menagerie of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is genetically distinct from all other lions of Africa, a study has found. The Ethiopian lion has a distinctive dark mane and is slightly smaller and more compact than other African lions. Now an analysis of its DNA […]
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