Taste of Ethiopia

Rochester, New York – Berbere-spiced lentils have lately become this carnivore’s first thought when venturing out for a bite, and credit for that should go to Rochester’s recent wave of excellent and affordable Ethiopian spots. The latest is Taste of Ethiopia (155 State St., 503-4056,, which offers a typical American restaurant experience alongside a more traditional — […]

Marcus Samuelsson: World Change Is On The Menu

If a younger Marcus Samuelsson had his way, he’d never had stepped in the kitchen. “Not becoming a professional soccer player was the best mistake I ever made,” he says standing in his hailed, beloved Red Rooster restaurant on Harlem’s West Side. As slim and sure-footed as the man is, we weren’t exactly prepared for that one. He explains […]

Muzita Abyssinian Bistro

University Heights restaurant serves a different kind of comfort. My mother always told me not to play with my food. Of course, my mother is neither Ethiopian nor Eritrean, and there were no local restaurants featuring those cuisines during my childhood. If there had been, she probably would have played with the food herself. And […]



What was once Baltimore’s Chinatown is now home to a flurry of Ethiopian businesses. By Baynard Woods The red chinese flag with its golden stars flutters in the wind on the 300 block of Park Avenue, the site of Baltimore’s historic Chinatown (Chinatown actually started a couple blocks away, on the 200 block of Marion Street). The […]

Marcus Samuelsson: On Becoming A Top Chef

Marcus Samuelsson

A longer version of this interview was originally broadcast on June 28, 2012. Marcus Samuelsson owns two restaurants in New York City and two restaurants in Sweden. He’s cooked for President Obama and prime ministers, served as a judge on Top Chef and Chopped, and recently competed against 21 other chefs on Top Chef Masters. (He won.) He’s the youngest […]

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