A shocking last-placed finish for Genzebe Dibaba of Ethiopia

Genzebe Dibaba (photo: IAAF.org)

London– In what could simply be described as the worst performance of her athletic career, Genzebe Dibaba of Ethiopia finished dead last in today’s women 1500m race at the IAAF World Championships here today.

Dibaba is the current world record holder for the 1500 m (both indoor and outdoor), the indoor 2000 m, the indoor 3000 m, the indoor 5000 m, the indoor mile, and the indoor two mile.

Although it was obvious that she  struggled in the qualifying round, no one expected her to do this poorly in the final race. 

Women 1500m Final results:

1 4082 Faith Chepngetich KIPYEGON KENKEN 4:02.59
2 4370 Jennifer SIMPSON USAUSA 4:02.76
3 4209 Caster SEMENYA RSARSA 4:02.90
4 3900 Laura MUIR GBRGBR 4:02.97
5 4127 Sifan HASSAN NEDNED 4:03.34
6 3920 Laura WEIGHTMAN GBRGBR 4:04.11
7 4166 Angelika CICHOCKA POLPOL 4:04.16
8 4108 Rababe ARAFI MARMAR 4:04.35
9 4241 Meraf BAHTA SWESWE 4:04.76
10 4107 Malika AKKAOUI MARMAR 4:05.87
11 3939 Hanna KLEIN GERGER 4:06.22
12 3841 Genzebe DIBABA ETHETH 4:06.72



4 thoughts on “A shocking last-placed finish for Genzebe Dibaba of Ethiopia

  1. the new amezing and unblivable the great straggle and defeating of world great gold man/who is mo fara with our New hero mukitar edris !!! i give z great thanks for thos who are suporting him to win !! also it is the sucesses and pereforemance for the atletics fedration keep it up !!

  2. “genzabeye ayzosh” Genzeba for me you are going to be the hero of my life, you are a special person to talk about you for years to come. Redio 102 shager must be fired. We Ethiopian we make our selves ready by what we have, if we wine we enjoy if we lost we will prepare for the coming. We hug all our heroes who represent us and we will be always with them no matter what happened. When we lost 5-0 scour by 11 players to Ghana, what you are going to do Shager radio 102.–. Genzebe, wish for you to have a family of your own with many children and a husband who respect and love you through out your life. you are special give by God for millions of Ethiopia. There was a moment you make me to cry watching you wining on the track.
    Asking Hila what to tell to the people? Just say we lost this year, is that simple. Ethiopians fill differently than you think, me and millions of Ethiopians worried about our lovely Genzebe Debaba’s emotional feeling. No one is going to have emotional pain more than Genzebe. Cheapest personality, when asking, saying ‘is she working for money or for her country”. Some body have to do something about this person who is working in shager radio station. I have emotional pain when ever i try to remember the game i lost 25 years a go. Just me, everyone around that game forget about it 25 years a go. She was robed, the money she earn with her hard work. running is a repetitive activity, it can stress bones and joints. it is easy to let enthusiasm drive us to run more miles, which can lead to overuse injuries. Ethiopia athletes need sport men and women needs more security personals to watch them where they sleep, where they eat and so on.

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