The Weeknd’s gift to University of Toronto brings Ethiopian language to life

The Weekdnd, aka Abel Tesfaye, is performing at the American Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Feb. 12, 2017. (Photo Credit: David Fisher)

The Weeknd will be entertaining millions tomorrow night when he makes his appearance on the American Grammy Awards in a performance with some other artists in what is sure to be a memorable mash-up of styles and sounds.

He is much loved and appreciated in his home-town of Toronto where the Ethiopian-Canadian community he grew up in, is very grateful.

His gift of $50,000 (Cdn) last summer to the University of Toronto’s department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, has allowed the ancient Ethiopian language of Ge’ez to come to life again.

Professor Robert Holmstedt began teaching the new course this past January. He says they’re five weeks into it now, and five very dedicated students just completed the assignment of writing a paragraph, something that would be akin to writing a paragraph in Latin.

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