Africa’s New Hot Travel Destination

Lalibela (photo: Simon Lewis)

By Simon Lewis – 

Ethiopia has truly risen from its troubled past and crowned with the title as an African country with one of the fastest growing economies the world and is an inexhaustible source of wonders for travelers- a sprawling country of ancient African civilization, colorful festivals, breath taking landscapes, diverse tribal culture, and amazingly friendly people. Dating back to the very beginnings of mankind, Ethiopia is old…old, beyond imagination. It is also the land of Queen of Sheba, a place of legendary rulers, fabulous kingdoms in ancient histories. Mother Nature was in a playful mood when she created Ethiopia, the result is a land that varies greatly from one region to the next. With more than 80 languages and some 200 dialects, each ethnic group preserves its own unique customs and traditions.

While coffee is the country’s largest export, accounting for 60% of all its export earnings, the Ethiopian Tourism Industry has also experienced a rapid incline in visitors ever since the launch of its five-year tourism marketing plan and strategy. With the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s goal to triple the number of foreign visitors by 2020, the North-Eastern African country, as well as the oldest independent country on the continent, is well on its way to becoming one of Africa’s top destinations by 2020.

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